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What is the difference between hiring an outside planner vs. utilizing the venue coordinator


Your venue manager is there to ensure nothing happens to the venue and that vendors are following

procedure and policies. Venue coordinators are a great resource for your Planner when it comes to

questions regarding the venue and having small tasks taken care of the day-of, but your venue

coordinator is not responsible for things like creating your timeline, keeping events on schedule,

handling emergencies, or servicing the bride and groom throughout the evening.

Why is there such a large range in pricing for a coordinator/planner?

Different companies have different levels of service. “Day-Of Coordination” refers to taking all of

the vendors you’ve chosen and the information you’ve provided for your big day and making it all

come together. “Planning” packages are more in-depth, and can offer everything from helping you

find the perfect venue and an amazing team of trusted vendors, to picking out your perfect dress and

wedding party attire, and so much more!

How do I keep costs down and stay within budget?

There are several key factors to consider when trying to keep costs low: guest count, date of the

wedding, and deciding which vendor areas are most important to YOU. With catering costs being

one of the biggest expenses, keeping your guest count intimate is a great way to save on your budget.

A Saturday wedding at any venue can easily cost double what that same wedding would cost on a

weekday or a Sunday, and you can save even more by having your wedding in an “off season”

month as opposed to peak wedding months.

Why can't I delegate wedding planning to a bridesmaid, mother, or friend?

Your bridesmaids, mothers, and closest gal pals should all be able to enjoy your Best Day Ever right

along side you. There are ways to still delegate smaller tasks to those who are closest to you so they

feel important and a part of your big day, but the biggest complaint we see from weddings that didn’t

have a Planner is that someone didn’t get to enjoy the wedding because they were running around

dealing with vendors and all of the tasks associated with making a wedding run successfully.

Does a coordinator attend vendor meetings and consultations?

With a Coordination package, you have already chosen your team of vendors. When you choose a

Planning package, you get the opportunity to have your Planner attend vendor meetings and

consultations. However, Luxury Design DFW provides proposal and contract review for all vendors

to ensure your expectations are met and all areas are covered for the big day!

How many hours of services are included on the day-of?

While each company is different, your Planner/Coordinator should typically be the first to arrive and

the last to leave on your special day. This ensures that we can have a handle on all aspects of the

wedding day from start to finish.

Do planners typically help with decor set-up and tear-down?

Your Planner/Coordinator’s assistance with décor will depend on how much your vendors are

handling vs. how much décor is DIY. Another key factor is how much time you’ll have at the venue

for setup and tear-down on the big day. Your Planner will help you designate a team of people to be

in charge of handling these tasks and will keep your team organized and assist with making sure

there’s a place for everything and everything’s in it’s place!

How many meetings or phone calls are included in our package?

At Luxury Design DFW, we believe communication is key and there’s no such thing as too much

information! If it’s important to you, it’s important that we get it into your timeline. We can visit

your venue as many times as it takes to get your vision down, and have as many in-person or phone

meetings as it takes to make sure we’re always on the same page about your expectations.

Does a planner/coordinator help put together my venue floor plan?

Yes! Regardless of whether you choose a Coordination or Planning package, your Planner will help

put together your venue floor plan. There are some venues that take care of their floor plans in-

house, but your Planner will still work closely with the venue to ensure correct table/chair counts as

well as placement, and make sure the layout flow will work for the event.

How soon should I hire a planner/coordinator?

A Wedding Planner or Coordinator should be one of the FIRST vendors you hire after saying “I do!”

This will help stay on task, on budget, and greatly reduce your level of wedding-related stress. If

you’re getting close to the big day and starting to realize that you want a Day-Of Coordinator to help

out, be sure to reach out as soon as possible as wedding dates can book up several months to years in


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